CARDIO - building long term heart health through exercise

CARDIO exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation and prevention programme

If you are feeling anxious, adrift, and alone after a heart event, or major heart surgery, and looking for a pathway to full recovery and live longer, Heartbeats CARDIO may be right for you.

Regain your confidence, improve your quality of life and get back to better heart health while being part of a group who have the same challenges and concerns – you are not alone.

About the Programme

CARDIO is a personalised, twelve-week, exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation programme that includes clinical assessment of your heart and general fitness and provides full wrap around services with dietary advice, counselling and psychological support from qualified, registered professionals. 

You are guided through the programme by a qualified Exercise Physiologist who will work with you to develop a tailored exercise routine that is suited to your heart condition, degree of fitness and your personal circumstances.

Through the programme and beyond you will be encouraged and supported by ‘your group’ in completing it, and carrying on with the set of exercises that you are given by the Exercise Physiologist.

Groups are small with not more than four participants for each Exercise Physiologist and your heart fitness and continuing exercise is reassessed at 3 months and 6 months after completion of the programme.

You are also part of the Heartbeats community of heart event survivors, with free and full access to local groups, heart resources and education.

Proven success

CARDIO exercised-based cardiac rehabilitation is based on successful programmes overseas and differs from other such programmes in that it is longer, with more personalized attention and greater wrap around services (in both individual and group settings).

Exercise-based rehabilitation with personalised lifestyle adjustments and psychological support have produced the following outstanding results:

–  30-50% reduction in all-cause hospital readmissions in the first 12 months after discharge from hospital

–  28% reduction in risk of a further heart event

– better quality of life and wellbeing, with improved confidence and less anxiety about the future

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We are immensely grateful to those organizations who sponsor and support us in making a real difference in community heart healthcare, one person at a time.

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