CARDIO - building long term heart health through exercise

CARDIO exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation and prevention programme


About the Programme

CARDIO is a gym-based exercise programme, delivered through qualified Exercise Physiologists over a twelve-week period.

It starts with two, one-hour assessments of your heart health, your body’s oxygen exchange capacity, your muscle, skeletal and overall movement capability.

You are guided through the programme by an Exercise Physiologist who works with you personally to develop a tailored exercise routine that is suited to your heart condition, degree of fitness and personal circumstances.

At the end of the twelve-week programme you are given an ‘exercise prescription’ to carry on at home or your local gym.

You are fully reassessed on how well you have progressed at 3 months and 6 months after completion of the programme to keep you on track and ‘improve the prescription’.

Proven Successful Exercise-based Programmes

The CARDIO model is based on successful programmes overseas and goes well beyond that of other exercise-based rehabilitation in New Zealand because it is longer, highly personalized and has full wrap around services in professional diet advice, mind-body counselling and psychological support.

Successful overseas programmes, like CARDIO, have produced the following outstanding results:


  • 30 – 50% reduction in ‘all-cause’ hospital readmission rate in the first 12 months after discharge
  • 50% reduction in mortality rate in the first 12 months after discharge from hospital
  • Improved quality of life and wellbeing

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Our Partners and Sponsors

We are immensely grateful to those organizations who sponsor and support us in making a real difference in community heart healthcare, one person at a time.

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